An Employee-Owned Company!

Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

MEC provides mechanical and electro mechanical assembly services to meet your demands. We are ESD compliant and UL approved to assemble and test electrical assemblies. We assist with high-level assembly integration with commodity-type electronics including fans, circuits, LEDs, etc. This includes high-pot, polarity and continuity testing of electronics.

MEC also works with their customers in various Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) activities to package and ship product to your specifications.

MEC is well-known for our metal fabricating. Our assembly and electronic expertise is the "hidden weapon" utilized by our clients and is the "I didn't know you did all that!" relief expressed by many of the prospects who have toured our plant. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in maximizing your procurement efforts. We invite you to visit our facilities to see how MEC is winning the business of world-class companies in today's competitive market.