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 Kaizen Events Underway

Note: As of 9/24/10, MEC will have 31 yellow belt certified employees who have gone through Kaizen events. Only more to come!

Over the past few weeks the CI Team has begun training in regards to Lean Manufacturing Principles, Applying 6S Concepts to MEC (Safety, Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), and Set-Up Reduction Principles. Teams go through a week long training which includes applying the 6S Concepts to their areas, making some major improvements in tool / fixture organization – parts arranged in order of usage, daily cleaning with assignments, and implementing standards to be followed. In addition, each team member is given a test at the end of the week to ensure understanding of what they are taught and what they put in place. Based on the training received and test results, the members are awarded a Yellow Belt Certification.
Each member was asked for their input on our training process. The following are some of the comments we received:
· Training is long overdue for this concept.
· This will improve quality, safety, and appearance of the company to our customers.
· A good class—all should take it.
· Will be very helpful throughout the company.
· Very Informative.
· We have the products required for the project on hand.
· Make sure the rest of the department/shifts are aware of what is taking place.
The focus and goals of this training have been built around MEC’s Mission Statement of involving our great MEC people, delivering a quality product on time to our customers, and creating the value which will allow MEC to become the leader in our industry. Improvements that result from adopting Lean Principles have been:
· 50 to 99% Quality Improvement.
· 50 to 80% Inventory Reduction.
· 50 to 80% Lead Time Reduction.
MEC has started this lean journey/process and the CI Team looks forward to getting everyone trained and involved.


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