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Mayville Engineering Company is the second tour location for the 2013 National Robotic Arc Welding Conference

Mayville Engineering Company Agrees to Host a Tour for NRAWC 2013

Mayville Engineering Company has a wide range of Contract Manufacturing, Prototype, Coating, and Tube Bending Services, and uses some of the latest technologies in Robotics, and specifically Robotic Arc Welding. MEC has over 26 robotic arms welding a variety of thicknesses, material types and part sizes, including a cell that welds parts up to 20ft in length, 10,000#, 11ft swing diameter and Dual arms each with a 11.5 ft reach.

Additionally, MEC is successfully employing multiple seats of offline programming, vision technologies, touch sensing and seam tracking in their operations. Beyond Robotic Arc Welding, MEC also has a robotic press brake.

MEC is a manufacturing and fabricating company where employee shareholders are creating outstanding value and support every day for the customers they serve. MEC has been featured in The Fabricator, Consumer Report, Manufacturing, the Journal Sentinel, and recently was awarded the ACG Growth award. Investment in state of the art technology, process improvement and employee skills have allowed MEC to grow in our existing markets and expand into new ones.

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