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 June 7, 2018                                                                                                                                                         Lisa Lahr 920.387.6051 



Mayville Engineering Company is First on the FAB 40 List of the Largest Fabricators.

            Mayville, Wis. – Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. (MEC) has once again been named first on the FAB 40 list of the nation’s largest fabricators which is published by The Fabricator magazine. This marks the eighth consecutive year that MEC has led the list.

“We’re honored to be named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators for the eighth year in a row,” said Robert Kamphuis, chairman, president and CEO of MEC. “I’m very proud of the MEC team that has made this possible. We understand that when our customers are successful, we will be successful, and Customer Success will always be at the top of our Mission Statement. Agility, adaptability and alignment to our customers’ evolving needs coupled with a ‘win-win’ approach will continue to ensure MEC’s market leadership.” Kamphuis continued.

The company continues on an aggressive growth plan that is fueled by close partnerships with customers in the agriculture, commercial vehicle, construction, forestry, power sports, energy, military, industrial and mining markets. MEC operates 16 manufacturing facilities that are strategically located near its customers in five states and employs approximately 2000 employee shareholders. MEC segments their business into five distinct groups; Fabrication, Tube, Performance Structures, Tanks and Shooting Sports. In many cases, leading OEMs look to MEC to provide complete product solutions from design to manufacture through to assembly and inventory management.

            Ryan Raber, MEC’s vice president of sales and marketing, executive director - tanks added, “We’re elated to be named #1 on the FAB 40 list for the eighth consecutive year. Through the partnerships of our great MEC people and our world class blue chip OEM’s, we’ve positioned ourselves to continue to be agile in the markets we serve with a constant mindset on continuous improvement. We pride ourselves on being a complete solutions provider and a manufacturing partner for the leading OEMs in the market.” he continued.

Founded in 1945, MEC is one of the nation’s leading supply chain partners for blue chip original equipment manufacturers. For more information, news and perspectives from MEC, please visit  


 About Mayville Engineering Company

Headquartered in Mayville, Wis., MEC has become a manufacturing company where employee shareholders are creating outstanding value and support every day for their customers and communities in which they live and work. MEC serves the agricultural, commercial vehicle, construction, forestry, on/off road power sports vehicles, energy, military, and industrial markets. MEC’s processes include complete metal fabrication, laser and plasma cutting, stamping, forming, machining, welding, tube bending and forming, painting, polishing, brazing, cleaning, assembly and kitting, prototyping, product testing and validation. MEC manufactures a wide variety of products including fluid level indicators, stoppers, engine tubes, suction tubes, hydraulic tubes, discharge tubes, fill tubes, high temp coatings, metal encapsulated insulation, fuel tanks, air brake tanks, air intake and exhaust systems, A-arms, axle housings, steering shafts, rollover protection units and complex frames. The firm’s core competencies include collaborative product development, design for manufacturability, engineering and design review, project management and customer service. MEC operates 16 facilities with over 2,080,000 square feet of manufacturing in Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. More information can be found at

Mayville Engineering Company, Inc.

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