There's Money in Reloading!
"Reloading is dead!" "It's a waste of time and floor space because no one reloads anymore." Gun dealers, have you heard these statements--or perhaps made them yourself? If so, you're dismissing profits from a segment of the market that still has great potential.

Knowledge Is Key To Growing Reloading
Reloading ammunition is as much a part of the fabric of shooting and hunting as firearms, and it has evolved into an extremely sophisticated--yet simple--practice. In the past, shooting-range conversations about reloading equipment and loading recipes were as common as discussions about shotguns and rifles. The majority of competitive-level shooters reloaded their own ammunition. Today presents a different picture.
Jason Hornady, Hornady Manufacturing, says the top two reasons people reload today are to save money and to create custom loads. The top two reasons shooters do not reload? A lack of time and a lack of knowledge."Many shooters have not been exposed to reloading and perceive it to be difficult, even dangerous," Hornady said. This perception is not true, Hornady says. Dealers play a key role in dispelling this misconception by sponsoring regular training clinics. Those who do, along with carrying a broad selection of components, consistently sell far more reloading products.
Dave Kern Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) executive, agrees that loading seminars are one of the keys to growing the reloading market. MEC has a trailer that travels to gun clubs and gun stores throughout Wisconsin and the upper Midwest hosting reloading seminars. "It is very rewarding to teach a young person or a newcomer how to load their first shotshell. Kids just light up when they see how easy it is and how much fun it canbe, and they love to go out and shoot the shells they have personally loaded," Kern said.
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