An Employee-Owned Company!


MEC manufactures, coats and assembles a broad range of products, from simple to the very complex.  Our expertise begins with a strong core competency in design for manufacturability.  Working closely with OEMs, our engineers drive cost out at the most critical moment of a product's life, the initial design.  The focus is designing high quality parts and components at the lowest total cost.  MEC's team of process engineers then determine the most efficient and effective way to manufacture the products to maximize quality while at the same time reducing the total cost.

We segment our business into four distinct groups; Fabrication, Tube, Performance Structures and Tanks. In many cases, leading OEMs look to MEC to provide complete product solutions from design to manufacture (fabrication, tube bending and coatings) through to assembly and inventory management.  MEC's unique process and capabilities allow leading OEMs in the Agricultural, Construction, Commercial Vehicle, Power Sports, Automotive and Military markets to reduce the number of suppliers and drive costs out of their supply chain.  Contact us today to learn how MEC can do the same for your business!


MEC's Fabrication capabilities are unparalleled in the industry.  MEC employs some of the most technologically advanced equipment available in the world, from CNC robotic brake presses to fiber lasers, CNC automated turret presses, robotic welding and high speed stamping equipment. MEC fabricates a complete range of parts and components for the world's leading OEMs. In addition, MEC Coatings offers a full range of high technology coating services including; E-Coat, military certified "CARC", commercial and industrial liquid and powder coatings.


MEC's tubing facilities, located in Wisconsin, Michigan and Mississippi, provide a vast array of tube bending, forming and fabricating capabilities.  Look no further than MEC, an industry leading tube bending company, for tubes from 1/4" to 12" in diameter in round, oval, rectangular and square shapes.


MEC’s precision built and manufactured performance structures can be found in several leading power sports brands. We can help develop, design, and manufacture many safety critical items, such as: A-arms, Axle Housings, Steering Shafts, Rollover Protection Unites, and Complex Frames.


MEC produces a vast variety of fuel and air tanks in steel and aluminum constructions. Our facilities have the capability of producing tanks in multiple shapes which include: round, D-round, rectangular and square. In addition, we offer serialization and line sequencing to ensure we are helping make our customers more efficient.