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MEC takes a very serious approach to quality. We view quality as a significant business strategy with a strong return on investment. Our quality system is based on Continuous Improvement with ISO 9000 as the base. MEC's quality system was ISO 9001 certified in 1995. This certification was only the kick off of an evolution in quality systems development as is evidenced by the number of improvements (revision changes) that have taken place since that time.

Although we are very proud of our ISO and IATF Quality Systems, we know very well that Outgoing Quality takes more than just a certificate. It takes a team effort of well qualified employees with the appropriate resources, empowerment, environment and motivation to make the system work. MEC's Quality staff is highly trained in the areas of Quality Planning, Metrology, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (ASME Y14.5M 1994), ISO, QS9000 and statistical techniques (SPC). MEC's Quality labs are equipped with measurement systems that are the state-of-the-art in technology.

With all the above stated, we feel that our Quality is best expressed by the feedback our customers, suppliers and others give. We encourage prospective customers to speak to our current customers as customer satisfaction is the goal we seek to achieve.

Quality Management System

  1. ISO 9001 & IATF 16949
  2. Process and Assembly Line Audits with focus on process control.
  3. Process capability that is proven at validation and monitored during production.
  4. Specialized validations for paint and weld operations.

Learning & Development

MEC enters into joint process improvement efforts with key customers and the Wisconsin Manufacturers Extension partnership with John Deere, Harley-Davidson, and Oshkosh Corporation. Results to date have improved "Manufacturing Critical Path Time" Greater than 50% on average, Cost gains of better than 10% and Quality gains through reduced batch sizes and more repeatable processes.

Technology and Plant Improvements and Investments include the latest robotic steel welding technology, New Trump laser technology and High Speed Punch Technology to support the Lean, Quick Response Manufacturing flexibility that today's customers expect, putting us at the forefront of today's steel companies.

The welders are trained and tested by employing two full-time Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI). The CWI's are responsible for development of Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS); training and testing of welders; and auditing of personnel and workmanship.

MEC promotes manufacturing agility with training provided through the Quick Response Manufacturing QRM Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ongoing training on QRM implementation keeps our purchasing, manufacturing, engineering and steel sales teams on the cutting edge of flexible manufacturing. Benefits of QRM include: decrease in manufacturing costs; increase in market share; fill customer orders more efficiently; introduce new products rapidly; eliminate waste and inefficiency; secure the manufacturing future.

Customer Service

MEC provides a variety of process capabilities for a steel metal fabrication company, including coating, assembly, and service. This helps to streamline lead times, reduce cost, and add further value in the supply chain. MEC has established itself as the "go to" company for cost-effective, complex steel construction and assembly solutions. Our experience and capability to work with existing designs or partner with clients to develop the best approach to meeting steel manufacturing requirements are all offered for total packaged solutions. MEC excels not only in steel production and assembly. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service.

Communication and customer collaboration is the key to our success. There are multiple facets to producing complex assemblies and MEC can manage the entire process to ensure that our clients receive the resulting "diamond" of well-planned, on-time quality product. Quality is built into our processes.