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Lean/Six Sigma/Kaizen

Lean Six Sigma

Continuous Improvement Mission:
Lead the MEC organization to be best in class in quality, cost, and delivery, while eliminating waste and improving safety, through the integration of Continuous Improvement processes and Lean Six Sigma tools into the MEC culture.

Kazien at MEC:
Beginning in 2010, the CITeam has begun training in regards to Lean Manufacturing principles, applying 6S concepts to MEC(Safety, Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), and Set-up Reduction principles. Teams go through a week long training which includes applying the 6S concepts to their specific areas, making some major improvements in tool/fixture organization - parts arranged in order of usage, daily cleaning with assignments, and implementing standards to be followed. In addition, each team member is given a test at the end of the week to ensure understanding of what they are taught and what they put in place. Based upon the training received and test results, the members are awarded a Yellow Belt Certification.

The focus and goals of this training have been built around MEC's Mission Statement of involving our great MECPeople, delivering a quality product on time to our customers, and creating the value which will allow MEC to become the leader in our industry.

Improvements that result from adopting Lean Principles have been:

  • 50% - 99% Quality Improvement
  • 50% - 80% Inventory Reduction
  • 50% - 80% Lead Time Reduction

More on the term "Kaizen":
Kaizen is a continuous improvement process first developed in Japan, but now used worldwide. One of its distinguishing features is that it involves all employees. Kaizen has six core concepts:

  1. Standardize an operation.
  2. Measure the standardized operation (cycle times or quality standards in manufacturing; customer service processes for a retailer, etc.).
  3. Gauge measurements against requirements for profits, productivity, or whatever other critical number is being used.
  4. Get employees involved in finding innovative ways to improve performance.
  5. Standardize the new, improved operations.
  6. Continue the cycle repeatedly.

A Kaizen blitz is an intensive process over a week to address a problem or seek a new opportunity.

KaizenBlitzTeam Pictures:

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