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Roll Forming

MEC combines our operator's expertise with the proper equipment and consistent material to offer sheet, cone and sectional roll capabilities. Our facilities house the latest CNC roll forming machines.

MEC's facilities feature 3 and 4 CNC roll forming machines with roll diameters of 5” to 8.8” to process parts ranging in width from ½” to 8’ feet with material thickness of .040” to .375”. Processes include static and dynamic roll bending. Roll processes are setup to handle a wide variety of part geometry with cost-effective processing options to handle holes, slots and other openings within the part with a minimum of distortion.

Our machines offer features such as:

  • CNC Controls, which ensures process repeatability.
  • Automation such as: part supports, part ejection, crowning compensation, and interpolation.

MEC’s extensive capabilities provide a one stop shop to customers with CNC roll forming needs. Roll formed parts can include press brake forming before or after roll forming. Roll formed parts can be finished into weldment, e-coating, powder coating and assemblies. Contact us to learn how MEC can be your partner for roll forming and beyond.