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We define Social Responsibility as a constant promise to operate with great regard for the quality of life of our employees, the local communities where we operate, and our society as a whole. MEC’s focus on a sustainable future continues to strengthen and advance.

2024 Sustainability Report

MEC’s commitment to a sustainable future is critical as a trusted supplier to our customers. Our goals and progress are outlined in our full sustainability report.

Read the full 2024 report2023 Sustainability Report
2024 MEC Sustainability Report
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Our Social Responsibility Pillars.

As part of our commitment, MEC completed a materiality analysis in 2022 to understand which sustainability and ESG topics were most critical to our investors, employee shareholders, customers, and to the community. We interviewed our management teams and Board of Directors, reviewed customer sustainability requests, and analyzed our peer companies to determine which sustainability issues are most important to our stakeholders.

Business Excellence

Drive commercial and operational excellence, cost reductions, and provide a platform to standardize processes and systems across MEC.

Environmental Protection

MEC is committed to business practices that protect and benefit the environment, especially practices that relate to energy management and material efficiency. 

Employee Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is critical to value creation at MEC, and we are committed to prioritizing our employees’ health and safety in our facilities and communities.

Talent Attraction and Retention

We continuously evaluate our Human Resources strategy and programs to attract and retain a committed and talented workforce.

Ethical Supply Chain Management

We maintain elevated legal and ethical standards when it comes to our supply chain management to strengthen our commitment to the environment, human rights, and sustainability.

Business Ethics and Governance

We are committed to operating under the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct. 

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

We use technical and physical safeguards as well as multiple levels of employee training to protect digital information.

Community Engagement

At MEC, we are passionate about serving our communities as good corporate citizens.

Progress Highlights

Environmental Footprint

Since 2020, we have reduced our energy, scrap, and water intensity by 32%, 47%, and 36%, respectively, and we have set goals to further reduce our environmental footprint.


With the launch of MBX, 135 Kaizen events are scheduled in 2023 across all our facilities. These events, along with additional scheduled President’s Kaizens, will increase labor efficiency, reduce inventory, enhance safety, and drive meaningful cost reductions.

Employee Health & Wellness

Our goal is to provide wellness programs for our employees that will encompass all aspects of health, including physical and mental employee well-being and encouraging positive lifestyle changes through a supporting environment. Currently MEC provides on-site healthcare at six facilities in Wisconsin and Ohio with plans to expand onsite healthcare to additional facilities.

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