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MEC has earned its reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of large fabrications, weldments and sub-assemblies. We would love to put our welding expertise to work for you.

Our national award winning welding departments offer wire welding including GMAW (aka:MIG), GTAW (aka:TIG, Heliarc), Fluxcore, Metalcore, Aluminum, Plasma Weld, Brazing and Pulse Heliarc. MEC also provides spot, projection and stud welding for metal cabinets and all types of small precision parts. We utilize Demmeler setup tables for low volume production runs.

We employ full-time Certified Welding Instructors (CWI) and certify our people, processes and equipment to ensure capable, repeatable, verifiable quality for you and your clients. We train, test and audit our personnel to ensure we remain proficient in world-class welding capabilities including our development of Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS.) In addition, we also utilize third party calibration, monthly internal auditing, regular upgrades to state-of-the-art equipment and robotic welding.

MEC currently produces weldments in excess of 12,000 lbs. We can fabricate vehicle chassis, support frames and other heavy weldments. Our large-bed machining, combined with extensive robotic welding provides consistent, cost-efficient quality and productivity.

MEC also provides timely in-house custom weld fixture design and construction. Contact us today to learn more.