Hazel Park, MI Hosts Manufacturing Day 2022

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Oakland County, MI Manufacturing Day connects students with future employers and enables them to see firsthand how skills they learn each day at the technical campuses are directly transferable to careers. On Friday, October 7, more than seven hundred students from seventeen school districts and four technical campuses toured thirty-one advanced manufacturing facilities around the county including MEC’s Hazel Park, MI facility.

We hosted a total of seven students (grades 10-12) from Hazel Park Edison School and focused on the different disciplines needed for a manufacturing operation to be successful. Once out on the plant floor, the students followed a part (a pencil holder which each student got to take home) through the manufacturing process including laser, brake, welding, and all necessary inspections along the way.

It was a fantastic day spent with amazing students, eager to learn about the exciting career opportunities available in manufacturing. Thank you to the students from Hazel Park Edison School for visiting our facility and learning more about MEC and metal fabrication!