MEC Hosts Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors from Mayville High School

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On Tuesday, May 9, a group of Sophomore, Junior and Senior students from Mayville High School, returned to MEC for their final visit this school year as part of the Job Rotation Program. On the second Tuesday of the month for the past few months, they have been rotating through a 90 minute in-depth tour, presentation and conversation with MEC managers and supervisors covering each area of our operation.

As part of the Job Rotation Program, they have been learning what soft skills are important to MEC, what paid training opportunities are available and having detailed discussions about career paths, timelines on advancement as well as pay rates. We have great opportunities available from entry level right out of high school, to skilled trades. Visit for more information on MEC and our career opportunities!

Special thanks to the Mayville High School students for taking time this year to learn more about MEC and the many exciting careers we offer!