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1945 - Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. was founded in 1945 by cousins Leo and Ted Bachhuber. The originalOriginal MEC Facility manufacturing facility was a rented garage building in a back alley off Mayville's Main Street. Total assets of the company included a few worn metal working tools, a little cash, and an abundance of grand ideas. The original letterhead bore the title "Tools, Dies, and Special Machinery." For the first fledgling years, MEC concentrated on these products as well as offering their services to the larger manufacturers in the area. Soon Leo departed for other ventures, leaving Ted and his wife Grace to breathe life into their dream.

Progress was slow in these formative years, but as the company became known for the quality of its products and the resourcefulness of its personnel, the pace quickened. Almost overnight, the company became desperate for additional production space to keep up with the growing demand for its products. MEC acquired a small warehouse adjacent to its rented garage, and later purchased a commercial building at 10 South Main Street where an office and custom assembly facilities could be established.

1955 - MEC enters into the Shotshell Reloaders market to later be known as the #1 Shotshell Reloader in the World selling over 2 million reloaders. The MEC Shotshell Reloader has 10 models from progressive to automatic in any price range.

1963 - Due to continued strong growth, the company needed to expand even more. When the city offered MEC a parcel of land in its newly established industrial park, it was eagerly accepted. When the new plant was completed in 1963, it covered approximately 14,000 square feet and employed 26 people.

1985 - MEC becomes a company that is 100% Employee-Owned (ESOP). This becomes an important milestone for the business as our employee shareholders are not only invested in the company, but also develop a sense of pride and ownership in the company they work for.

1993 - MEC wins the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award.

1996 - MEC earns the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award for the second time.

1999 - 163,000 sq. ft. facility for MEC Aerial Work Platform business completed in Beaver Dam, WI.

2001 - The Aerial Work Platform business is sold.

2004 - MEC acquires Custom Metal Products and Phoenix Coaters businesses.

2006 - 69,000 sq. ft. of "CARC" painting capabilities added with Phoenix Coaters in Berlin, WI.

2007 - 2nd "CARC" paint line added at the Beaver Dam East location. This is a 14-stage spray washer, liquid primer & topcoat with a weight capacity of 2,400 lbs a load bar with a part size of 48 inches wide by 96 inches long and 78 inches in depth.

2008 - 50,000 sq. ft. added with the start-up of tube bending in Neillsville, WI. The specialty of this location is driven by its technology. With capabilities like multi-stack bend heads and electro servo driven equipment, they can produce complex geometries in single piece flow.

2008 - 167,000 sq. ft. acquired for expanding fabricating capabilities (MEC North).

2009 - The Mayville Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street of Mayville presents Mayville Engineering Company, Inc. with the award for Community Involvement and Improvement for the renovation done on the old Maysteel building, which is now called MEC North, turning one of Mayville's Main Streets into a beautiful addition to the City.

2009 - 303,000 sq. ft. built in Beaver Dam, WI for added square feet and a state-of-the-art coating facility (Phoenix Coaters - Beaver Dam West). This project was completed in June of 2010.

2010 - MEC wins Manufacturer of the Year Special Award for Community Involvement & Conservation Education. The MOTY award recognizes Wisconsin companies that demonstrate a commitment to business excellence which has a positive impact on the community and state, making Wisconsin a better place to live, work and play.

2010 - May of 2010, MEC becomes one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Top 100 Workplaces. This award identifies southeastern companies that consider it an obligation, or at least smart business, to include their employees in a 'fair shake and a fulfilling work experience'.

2010 - MEC is awarded Wisconsin's Distinguished Entrepreneurial Award and a spot on the Top 75 from Deloitte. This program recognizes business contributions to the communities in which they are located, the people who build the business and the overall Wisconsin economy of which they are a part of. The Top 75 is a compiled list of Wisconsin's 75 largest privately held companies.

2010 - Wautoma, WI facility is purchased from Cummins Filtration after sitting vacant for two years. It adds 156,424 sq. ft. and 12.6 acres of land to expand MEC's manufacturing capabilities in the area.

2011 - MEC is named the largest supplier of custom metal fabrications in a survey published by The Fabricator magazine.MEC acquires a 54,000 sq. ft. facility to expand the manufacturing capabilities in Neillsville, WI.

2012 - MEC is again #1 on The Fabricator magazine's annual survey. MEC acquires Michigan-based Center Manufacturing, Inc., adding more than 800 employees and eight manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia.

2013 - MEC is named the #1 fabricator for the third consecutive year! MEC acquires Missouri-based APEX Clay Traps and introduces the MEC Clay Target Machines product line.

2014 - MEC is #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators. This is the fourth consecutive year that MEC has been named #1!

2015 - MEC is named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators. This is the fifth consecutive year that MEC has been named #1!

2016 - MEC is again named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators. This is the sixth consecutive year that MEC has been named #1 on the FAB 40 list!

2017 - MEC is once again named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators. This marks the seventh consecutive year that MEC has been named #1 on the FAB 40 list!

2018 - For the eighth consecutive year, MEC is once again named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the nation's largest fabricators!

2018 - MEC acquires Ohio based Defiance Metal Products (DMP), adding four new facilities and three new states where we can support our customers from.

2019 - MEC (NYSE: MEC) becomes publicly traded through its Initial Public Offering (IPO).

2019 - MEC is again named #1 on the FAB 40 list of the largest fabricators. This is the ninth consecutive year that MEC has been named #1 on the FAB 40 list!