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OEMs Count On MEC

MEC's 20 manufacturing facilities truly provide OEMs a "one-stop-shop" of metal fabrication capabilities.  Our industry-leading fabrication, tube bending, and coatings make MEC the supply chain partner of choice for Blue Chip OEMs.

  • MEC's facilities are located in close proximity to customers
  • JIT inventory and sequenced production capabilities
  • In-house tooling and the industry's best engineering & design 
  • Dedicated prototype facilities
  • Capacity to handle the largest projects
  • Ability to manage complex projects and consistently produce high quality products at the lowest total cost

Industry-Leading Fabrication Capabilities

Turn to MEC for the highest quality metal fabrication.  MEC's capabilities include stampings, laser & plasma cutting, robotic & manual welding, bending & forming, complete assemblies and much more!


MEC's expertise includes pre-production prototyping, aftermarket, and service parts.  Our dedicated facilities and prototype engineers stand at the ready to assist in the design of new products to obtain the highest quality and reduce manufacturing costs.  Production parts are produced with the same design, engineering, and craftsmanship as pre-production prototypes.  You are assured that proven prototype designs will deliver production parts that meet your requirements.

Tube Bending & Forming

With complete CNC tube bending capabilities in oval, round and square tubes, we have the capabilities to meet your tube bending requirements.  Our capability to design and manufacture our own bend tooling means quick response times for prototypes and production.


MEC offers a full range of high technology coating services including: E-Coat, military certified "CARC", commercial/industrial liquid coating, powder coating, shot blasting, zinc phosphate, acid pickle, in-line alodine conversion coating.  MEC's coating facilities also provide complete assembly and logistic programming management.

Customer Service

Customer Service is a key part of MEC's business that drives results. It's all about going above and beyond the norm and taking pride in each and every project. Our dedicated service team is with you from the start of the design process through production and delivery of the product. Our commitment is to provide outstanding customer service.